University of Makeni Academic Calendar 2020-2021

DATE/ MONTH                                            ACTIVITY
Monday 28th Second Semester Exams begin (Postgraduate 2019/2020 cohort)
OCTOBER 2020  
Saturday 10th Second Semester Exams end (Postgraduate 2019/2020 cohort)
Saturday 17th Academic Senate Meeting
    NOVEMBER  2020  
Sunday 1st All Saints Day (Holy day of obligation)
Monday 2nd All Souls Day
Wednesday 4th Third Semester Resumes (Postgraduate 2019/2020 cohort)
Saturday 7th Academic Senate Meeting
Monday 9th Deadline of submission of Questions
Monday 16th – Saturday 21st Revision, Verification Exams (Undergraduates only), Interviews for Admission (undergraduate and Postgraduates 2020/2021 intake)
Monday 23rd Continuing students’ Second Semester examination begins
Saturday 5th End of Continuing Students’ Second Semester Examination
Monday 7th – Monday 21st Conference Marking
Tuesday 8th Academic Senate Meeting
Tuesday 22nd Staff Christmas Party
Wednesday 23rd Christmas Holiday begins
Monday 4th Reopening for 2020/2021 Session
Tuesday 6th – Thursday 8th Staff Retreat, Quality Assurance, Validation of Strategic planning
Saturday 9th Orientation of New Students 2020/2021 intake (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)
Monday 11th 1st Semester Classes begin for Undergraduate 2020/2021 Session
Wednesday 13th Opening Mass (All Staff and Students)
Friday 15th 1st Semester Classes begin for Postgraduate 2020/2021 cohort
Monday 25th Reference/I-Grade Examinations
Saturday 30th Academic Senate Meeting
Monday 8th – Saturday 13th Second Semester Reference Exams (Postgraduate 2019/2020 cohort).
Tuesday 9th End of Reference Examination
Wednesday 10th Open Day
Wednesday 17th Ash Wednesday (beginning of the Lenten Season)
Saturday 20th Academic Senate Meeting
Saturday 27th  Matriculation
 MARCH 2021
Monday 1st – Friday 12th Third Semester Exams (2019/2020 Cohort)
Saturday 6th Academic Senate Meeting
Monday 8th International Women’ Day
Thursday 11th – Friday 12th Sports
Saturday 13th Governing Council Meeting
Saturday 20th Convocation/Congregation
APRIL 2021
Thursday 1st – Monday 5th Easter Holiday
Tuesday 6th – 10th First Semester Revision week/Third Semester Exams (Postgraduate 2019/2020
Monday 12th First Semester Examination begins (Undergraduates)
Monday 19th First Semester Examination begins (Postgraduates)
Tuesday 27th Independence Day (Public Holiday)
Wednesday 28th First Semester Examination ends (Undergraduates)
Thursday 29th Beginning of conference Marking and Semester Break
Friday 30th First Semester Examination ends (Postgraduates)
MAY 2021
Saturday 1st International Labour Day (Public Holiday)
Friday 14th Diocesan Feast Day/2nd Semester classes resume (Postgraduates)
Saturday 15th Commencement of Second Semester 2020/2021
Monday 17th 2nd Semester Lectures/classes begin (Undergraduate)
Monday 24th Reference Exams/ I-Grade Exams (Undergraduate)
Wednesday 26th Second Semester Opening Mass
Saturday 29th Governing Council Meeting
JUNE 2021
Saturday 5th Academic Senate Meeting
JULY 2021
Saturday 24th UNIMAK Research Day
Saturday 21st End of Second Semester 2020/2021 Session Lectures
Monday 23rd Second Semester Examination begins (Undergraduates)
Monday 6th – Saturday 18th Second Semester Exams (Postgraduate 2020/2021 cohort)
 Wednesday 8th End of Second Semester Exams (Undergraduates)
Thursday 9th Conference Marking begins
Tuesday 21st International Day of Peace
Monday 27th Reference/ I-Grade examinations begin
Saturday 2nd Commencement of First Semester 2021/2022 Session
Friday 15th Third Semester commences (Postgraduate 2020/2021 cohort)
  • The University management team meets EVERY MONDAY at 1: 30pm in the staff room.

In addition to these scheduled events and activities, the University reserves the right to add further items as they arise

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