Vision and Values

Our Vision

For Sierra Leone to become a civilization of love where peace and social justice for all transcend tribal and political divides, where every citizen has equal access to education to enable them to fulfil their potential.

Our Values

Cognisant that God created the natural world, and every human person in His own image, UNIMAK respects the intrinsic dignity of all people regardless of race, tribe, gender, religion, physical or mental impairment.

UNIMAK upholds the principles of the ‘common good’, ‘solidarity’ and ‘subsidiarity’ as set out in Catholic social teaching.

UNIMAK is committed to working in partnership with other organisations that actively promote human security through poverty reduction, social justice and human rights.

Therefore, while striving for academic excellence, the University aspires to produce graduates who, as concerned citizens can contribute positively to the life and development of their communities. Thus, academic study is grounded in the day-to-day realities of life in Sierra Leone through practical assignments, which put theory into practice and aim to give service to the wider community.

Mission Statement

Informed by Catholic Social Teaching, to promote human, social, political and economic development in Sierra Leone and Africa as a whole, which at the same time respects the environment so that its resources are used for the benefit of all.


  • To develop, promote and implement a common ethical vision and praxis for all dimensions of development in Africa in support of the Millennium Development Goals.
  • To foster professionalism within civil society, politics, business and religion and build, through sensitisation, education and training, institutions that serve the common good in Africa.
  • To empower women in Sierra Leone in solidarity with women’s global struggle for emancipation.
  • To strengthen the role of the church, especially in her social mission to build equity, justice, peace and democracy.


Helping UNIMAK

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