Inclusive Education for Mainstream Teachers

Facilitators and Hannah Pessima, ISNE Coordinator

Facilitators and Hannah Pessima, ISNE Coordinator

UNIMAK‘s Institute of Inclusion of Special Needs Education (ISNE) has just completed the successful training of 35 mainstream teachers in the key concept of Inclusion and Special Needs of Education (SNE) of person’s and children with disability. Participants explored and understood basic concepts and examples of Special Needs, Disability, Impairment, Inclusive Education etc.

Areas covered included:
– analysing the difficulties SNE children face
– exploring reasons SNE children experienced learning difficulties
– identifying children with SNE, and their experiences of dealing with them
– identifying the causes, difficulties and ways to help them in class
– exploring the different attitudes and feelings society have about disability
– experiencing and understood the vulnerability of SNE children
– international and national agreements and policies that relate to SNE children
– importance of education for children with Special Needs.

As follow up to the training, facilitators will be monitoring participants in their different schools according to their individual action plan and school action plan.

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