UNIMAK Student Project Transforms Waste to Wealth

Reporter MATTHEW KANU writes:

Fridoline Neh Sama is a student of the Masters Degree in Sustainable Development at UNIMAK who has developed an initiative that will transform waste to wealth in Sierra Leone. She was inspired by her environmental sustainable development course and her lecturers to engage in a project that will not only generate income but will also create a friendly environment in Sierra Leone and Africa in general. Fridoline, a Cameroonian citizen, has lived in Sierra Leone for the past five years, and started working on this initiative over a month ago.

“This initiative was born out of curiosity about how I can use waste and become wealthy, and how to promote an eco-friendly environment” she said.  “I use just plastics waste to make jewellery and other accessories for women” she said. Fridoline said she was scared at the beginning but later realized that collecting waste plastics in the street is not a crazy or dirty thing to do. She believes that this is the only way help to change society and maintain a clean environment. “It is all about entrepreneurship. It’s creativity. We are looking for a green economy, a great future that everybody can enjoy at the end of the day.”

She stressed the need for young people to put into practice anything they positively have in mind. “Don’t be afraid to take the risk and put ideas into action. Just do it and something will happen one day. I am presently teaming up with colleague students in order to have a business plan that will attract support from donors or partners in sierra Leone and beyond, ” she noted.

A member of the team Alpha Koroma said this initiative will change the way people think about the environment particularly in rural Sierra Leone. “I am with her from a sustainable development and planning point of view, and I strongly believe that people will be interested in what she is doing” he said. The target now is to look for the appropriate technology that will enhance mass production for both male and female jewellery and accessories that will be attractive to the market.

Human Resource Development expert Veronica Kamara emphasized that Fridoline has moved from being a job seeker to a job creator. “The idea is a laudable one and new in this part of the world that will create job opportunities for many people ” she said.

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