Nine Police Officers Benefit From UNIMAK Short Term Courses

By Matthew Kanu

The University of Makeni (UNIMAK) Education Department has ended a three month ‘English Proficiency for the Police’ short term course that started in May and ended in August. A certification ceremony was organized for nine police officers on Saturday 27th August 2016. The participants were selected from the Criminal Investigation Department, operations office, integrated intelligence service, and legal and justice support department.This is part of its programs since it inception in 2005 to promote public private partnership and reach out to institutions across Sierra Leone

Addressing staff of UNIMAK and colleagues the Makeni Rogbaneh Police Station Detective Inspector Margaret G Marrah said she has personal benefited from the short term course because she can now write and speak simple English in carrying out her daily duties.” As security agents our job is 24 hours round the clock but we are grateful to the department of education and the university as a whole for introducing the English proficiency for the police “ she said.

Inspector Marrah emphasized that they really appreciate what they have learned and the knowledge they have gained . “This is just for the benefit of the nation. We are doing our best, we are not perfect but this new knowledge we have gained will go a long way in improve our job and we will gained more public confidence” she emphasized .

Prosecutor of the Makeni Police legal and justice support department Constable Bai Koroma noted that this course will improve their proficiency in the English Language “.We want to thank you for the generosity and support offered to us as participants for this short time course” he said.

Constable Koroma said as police officers attached to various department of the Sierra Leone Police Force they promise to work hard in the discharge of our duties in order to improve the standard of the Sierra Leone police and to make Sierra Leone a better place to live .

Dean of Faculty of the education Alex Koroma said the Sierra Leone Police Force is a learned institution and that the participants of this short term course have gone through police trainings . “You have the basics as police men and women but this course was geared towards preparing you in the area of speaking and writing a good English Language for the police force” he said.

Mr. Koroma emphasized that Some people can write good English but they can’t speak well. He therefore mentioned that English for the police short term course was introduce in order to advance their knowledge on both written and spoken English they use in the discharge of their duties. “ You have attained a lot of new innovations, new ways of taking statement new ways of interrogating culprit. You have taken a bold step to continue this program. We want to continue this kind of training , to make this country to forge ahead . Every one is looking forward to the police. Your activities , your responsibilities are all geared towards promoting the dignity of the human person and this training will make you a responsible police force” he emphasized.

Head of Department Osman Kamara emphasized that The main objectives of this course is to improve their use of the English language, to know how to speak the English language and to develop their skills in speaking and writing the appropriate language use in the police force . “You have taken a bold step in promoting law and order in Sierra Leone “ he noted.

Mr.Kamara reiterated that the participants have showed that they are a force to reckon with in the various department they are representing but the education department have added new knowledge into what they have learned before . “You have got more of the English language you need to carry out your responsibilities as police men and women” he mentioned.

He said this course is designed to develop the participants vocabulary , expressions use in dealing with issues of crime, drug addiction ,traffic violations and burglary .

The task ahead now is to have more short term courses for officers across Sierra Leone instead of just limiting it in Makeni City.


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