Students And Staff Of The Republic Of Guinea King Mo. Roi The Sixth University Visit UNIMAK

By Matthew Kanu

Ten students and two lecturers from the Republic of Guinea King Mo. Roi the Sixth University English Language Department are presently on a 25 days learning tour to the University of Makeni (UNIMAK). The students and lecturers are here to improve on their ability to read and write the English Language and to further strengthen bilateral relationship between UNIMAK and the King Mo. Roi the Sixth University.

King Mo. Roi the Sixth University second year student David Lamah expressed optimism in improving his speaking and writing skills at the end of the 25 days. He said UNIMAK is a wonderful place to be . “The hospitality is so wonderful . The lecturers we met are so wonderful. We hope to learn good English at the end of the 25 days in Sierra Leone” he mentioned .

First year student of the same university Mamadou Saliau Sow said he is very happy to come to Sierra Leone to learn how to speak better English . “Speaking English is my dream but learning English in a French country is very challenging” he noted. Sow is determine to learn a lot and improve on basic speaking and writing skills.

The King Mo. Roi the Sixth University was established in 2007. The present student population is four thousand with two campuses. The university is presently affiliated to universities in France, Morocco and Turkey. UNIMAK is the first university they have visited in the West African sub region.

UNIMAK Deputy Director of Finance and Administration Victoria Iheanacho holds the view that reaching out to institutions within and outside Sierra Leone is very important for the growth of UNIMAK . “The King Mo. Roi the Sixth is one of the universities within the Mano River Union that is presently seeking for partnership with UNIMAK in Sierra Leone” she said. Madam Iheanacho reiterated that the two universities are all within the Geographical location of the Mano River Union which placed them on a better footing for long term partnership.

Speaking in an interview King Mo. Roi the Sixth University English Language Department lecturer Mamadou Bhoye Diallo noted that they are trying to create an inter co operational relationship with UNIMAK. Diallo said within the 25 days period the ten students will take classes from UNIMAK lecturers on public speaking and writing skills that will to help them to be eloquent and be perfect English Language speakers . “We are looking forward to gaining education, knowledge and perfection from UNIMAK that we will take home” he emphasized .

He further stressed that they are thinking of establishing a long term partnership for the common good of the Mano River Union and the African continent in general .

Speaking to journalists in Makeni City ,English Language Head of Department Kamara Mussa said teaching English in a French country is very challenging but to overcome these challenges it is very important for us as lecturers and students from Guinea to learn and share ideas from lecturers and students from UNIMAK who can speak good English. “Teaching English in a French speaking country is very challenging because after classes the students will continue speaking French in the community instead of speaking English but you can speak better English when you are in an English speaking country” he stressed . Kamara said they will jointly implement some project that will not only enable UNIMAK students to learn French or King Mo. Roi the Sixth university students to learn English but one that will address issues of national and international development .


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