UNIMAK Organizes MBA Final Business Idea Competition

By Matthew Kanu

The University of Makeni has organize a Final Business Idea competition for the final year MBA students . The business idea competiton which was held on 21st July 2016 attracted international and local juries . The MBA program is a partnership between the E4Impact ,the University of Milan in Italy and the University of Makeni in Sierra Leone .

Speaking to journalists before the competition the E4impact entrepreneurship West African program manager Martino Ghielmi said the MBA program is set to achieve two goals .” The first one is to make sure that their MBA participants are exposed to external feedback . Each participant has been working for one year on his /her business plan and we want to make sure that he /she receives real feedback some one who has experience and connections “ he said.

Mr. Ghielmi further explained that the second goal is to facilitate the process of investors in the country in order to find good investment opportunities for good ideas that match up with good candidates and eloquent management training . “ An entrepreneur is one who can be a reliable partner for investors “ he mentioned .

This is the first set of 32 MBA hopeful graduates that took part in the competition. Speaking to a group of reporters after the competition an MBA Final Business Idea competitor Moses Sesay said his business plan is growing vegetables using the green house technology .” It is a technology that involves a lot of capital. I am sure of harvesting crops throughout the year to ensure the availability of fresh and affordable vegetables in the market “ he said.

Mr. Sesay further explained that six managerial staff and some support staff will be working on the farm situated in Kateneh in the Safroko Limba Chiefdom Bombali District Northern Sierra Leone . He said there are challenges . These include financial resources, the technology is new, Letting the people knowing exactly what the technology involves ,what you want to bring to them and why you are bringing it is another challenge as well. But he said the University of Makeni MBA program has given the required training to overcome all the challenges ahead . “My impression after going through the MBA training in the University of Makeni is very positive . I am encouraging more people to apply next academic year so that the country will have more entrepreneurs “ he emphasized .

The CEO of Sierratel Sierra Leone Edward Sesay is also an MBA final business idea competitor . “The University of Makeni MBA program is not only based on theory but is a program that seeks to improve the skills of people that want to go into business as entrepreneurs ” he said .

His business plan is a solar panel system that offers power solutions across Sierra Leone .”My business will offer services across the country such as rural areas and institutions .

The challenges will be competitors . I can’t run two institutions so I will hand over the business to my son.What I want to see changing in Sierra Leone is available facilities for people to have funding for people to start up a business . But this MBA course has improved my skills to set up a business with funding solutions. To myself personally I now know advance skills on financial management skills ,marketing and sales and company management “ he noted .

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