84 more UNIMAK Graduates

By Matthew Kanu in Makeni

The Nigerian Maye of Yoruba land and Chancellor of the Oduduwa University has visited the University of Makeni. The visit was to establish partnership between the two Universities and to witness the Postgraduate Congregation ceremony.

His Royal Eminence Dr. Ramon Adegoke Atobatele Adeyoyin arrived in the country on the 5th September 2019 to grace the postgraduate congregation of 84 students as guest speaker on the theme “Postgraduate Education and achieving the sustainable development goals”. Addressing graduands, UNIMAK staff and dignitaries, Chancellor Ramon stated that sustainable development is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs. He said education has been a means of transmitting one’s culture from one generation to another. “A society’s future depends largely on the quality of its citizens’ education. Education is essential for achieving sustainability” he explained.

The Oduduwa University and the University of Makeni partnership agreement focuses on staff and students exchange, infrastructural development, long and short term training programs.  His Eminence Dr. Ramon affirmed his support and commitment to this agreement and support to the University of Makeni in that direction.

UNIMAK Vice Chancellor Professor Joseph Turay congratulated the graduands for work well done and encouraged them to bring development and shared prosperity to all. He also appreciated the presence of the Chancellor of the Oduduwa University His Royal Eminence Dr. Ramon Adegoke Atobatele Adeyoyin for his commitment to establish a partnership relationship between the two institutions.

This is the first time the University of Makeni has organized a Postgraduate graduation. Some of the Postgraduate programs include: MBA Finance, MBA Social Entrepreneurship, MA Sustainable Development and other Postgraduate Diplomas. Among the 84 graduands were Sallay Lansana and Abdul Maligie who are very optimistic of a relentless service to their communities. Sallay Lansana graduated with a Masters Degree in Sustainable Development. She, like most of her colleagues hold the view that knowledge gained at Masters Level will be applicable for societal growth at community and national level.

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