Students From The Republic Of Guinea in UNIMAK

Correspondent Matthew Kanu writes:

34 Guinean students from King Mo Roi the 6th University arrived at the University of Makeni (UNIMAK) on the 5th August 2018 to learn how to write, read and speak English.

In his address during an orientation for the students at the beginning of their four week course, King Mo Roi 6th University lecturer Moussa Camara praised the high level of hospitality displayed by staff and students of UNIMAK upon their arrival. Mr. Camara informed journalists that UNIMAK is their second home as the decision to partner with UNIMAK is a step in the right direction for the Human Resource Development of Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Guinean students from King Mo Roi the 6th University and UNIMAK staff.

Early this year the founder of King Mo Roi 6th University signed a partnership agreement with UNIMAK not only in learning how to write and speak English but to entirely cooperate in other fields of academia and development. The signing of this agreement was described by many here at UNIMAK as the beginning of new chapter in the promotion of higher quality education in the Mano River Union. This is the first time UNIMAK is in agreement with a Francophone University in the West African Sub Region since it inception in 2009.

Dean of Commerce and Management Victoria Iheancho admonished the students of King Mo Roi 6th University to be steadfast in their ambition to write and speak English well. Madam Iheancho was happy to hear that previous students from the King Mo Roi 6th University are performing well in their jobs. “I am happy that majority of past students who attended the training gained meaningful employment upon their return to Guinea after they completed the one month period at UNIMAK” she explained .

Guinea is a French speaking country in West Africa that shares a border with Sierra Leone. This is the third year students of the King Mo Roi 6th University nave come to UNIMAK.

Accounting Science students Sory Keita said in an interview that the UNIMAK environment is good for learning . “There is no noise on campus. The environment is quiet” he said. Like most female students Linguistic student Mabinty Camara praised the organization and professional skills of lecturers at UNIMAK .”They organize an orientation for us. Everything is formally done,” Miss Camara explained. She is confident of increasing her knowledge and ability in public speaking. The majority of the students promised to inform colleagues from other universities in Guinea to come to UNIMAK to increase their ability to read, write and speak English fluently .

Short Courses in Law at UNIMAK

The University of Makeni Law Department is offering short term courses in Law for Businesses, Law for NGOs, Law for Managers and Law for Executives for middle and senior management personnel of public, private enterprises, and nongovernmental organisations.

These courses will equip middle and senior management personnel of private, public and non-governmental organisations with relevant legal knowledge and skills and to engage legal problems efficiently with basic understanding of the law.

Method of Delivery:

The Courses are delivered within a period of 10 weeks starting 7th September 2018 to 10th November 2018 and students are required to attend a four hours class per week from 5:00pm to 7:00 pm on Fridays and 10:00am to 12:00pm on Saturday at the Fatima Campus, University of Makeni.


Students are assessed through practical class exercises and attendance.


The successful student will be awarded the University of Makeni non-senatorial certificate in the subject area studied. Example a certificate in Employment Law or a Certificate in Business and Contract.


Le: 1,000,000 (One Million Leones) Tuition Fees Per Course

Le: 100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Leones) for Application Form

Application Procedure

You can obtain an application form in the following Address


The Registry Fatima Campus University of Makeni

Law Clinic Yoni Sylvanus Koroma Campus

Access to Justice Law Centre 1 Flower Corner Makeni.


Access to Justice Law Centre, CRS office Kabala


Access to Justice Law Centre, 10 Lungi Road Portloko


Access to Justice Law Centre, 46 Kukuna Road Kambia


Maria Ines Secondary School Lunsar.


Access to Justice Law Centre, 26 Post Office Road Magburaka


Please pick up a receipt for money paid for application form from any of these places

For further information, please contact mobile numbers

+232 76930515/77736274




Commence Dates:

1st Cohort:          7th September 2018 to 10th November 2018

Application Deadline for the first Cohort intake is on Thursday 6th September 2018.

Exciting Job Opportunity: PREDICT Sierra Leone Country Coordinator

The PREDICT Project ( aims to identify pathogens of pandemic potential at human-wildlife-livestock interfaces and behaviors of people that enhance the risk from spillover of animal viruses and bacteria. It is part of USAID’s Emerging Pandemic Threats (EPT) Program.

The Job. PREDICT is seeking a Country Coordinator to coordinate and oversee implementation of the USAID Emerging Pandemic Threats (EPT) PREDICT project in Sierra Leone.

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Team from Universidad San Pablo, Spain Visit the University of Makeni

By Correspondent Matthew Kanu

A team of 15 Spanish academics were in Sierra Leone during January to further strengthen the bilateral relationship between Universidad San Pablo, Madrid, and the University of Makeni. The visitors were specialists ranging from medicine, entrepreneurs, architecture and mass communication.

There was a joint meeting between the Spanish team and staff of UNIMAK on Sunday 21st January 2018 to meet with the different faculties departmental heads and directorate of various units of the university. Several meetings were held during the week with various departments and faculty members. A communication expert from the Universidad San Pablo, Elena Lebrian, held fruitful meetings with the staff and students of the UNIMAK Mass Communication Department. Dean of Faculty of Mass Communication and Information Technology, Joseph Ezekiel Thulla, said he was very grateful to see Professor Elena Librian in the department of Mass Communication as this is marked the beginning of a fruitful relationship between the UNIMAK Mass Communication Department and the Universidad San

Elena Lebrian, communication expert from the Universidad San Pablo, lecturing students of the UNIMAK Mass Communication Department

Pablo School of Journalism .

UNIMAK Mass Communication Head of Department, Leonard Mamoud Kamara, hoped that the two institutions would make an agreement on staff and students exchange, lab equipment, research, scholarship opportunities for staff and students, and long and short term training in Sierra Leone and Madrid. He explained that UNIMAK’s Mass Communication Department is a training ground for journalists and media experts in the country since 2005.

In her response, Professor Elena said she was happy to meet the staff and students of the departments. “We would work together to collaborate in the areas you have mentioned. I will go back and report to the Dean of my school the outcome of this meeting and then we will start collaborating” Professor Elena explained.