University of Makeni (formerly known as the Fatima Institute and often known as UNIMAK) is the first privateCatholic, university located in MakeniSierra Leone.

It was founded as the Fatima Institute on October 8, 2005, by the Emeritus of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Makeni led by Reverend George Biguzzi (born 1936, Italy).[1] In August 2009, it was granted university status and took its present name. Owned by the Diocese of Makeni, and the Bishop of Makeni is the university chancellor.

UNIMAK places “social development” at the heart of everything it does. For this reason UniMak has made great efforts to develop academic programmes that are rooted in the everyday reality of contemporary Africa. 

Why UniMak

The University is part of the general socio-economic and political fabric of a given society. Throughout history, universities have played three triumvirate/interlocking roles. These roles are: Teaching/instruction, Research and public service/community engagement


The primary goal of the university is to ensure teacher effectiveness and a conducive learning environment for our students.


As research is one of the primary goals upon which the university was established, UniMak is committed to the constant engaging in research by our faculty, staff and students.

Community Service

The University's life is tied to that of the community, (something about addressing the needs of the community).