Clinical Psychology Students on a Field Trip to the Kissy Rehabilitation Center in Freetown

This is a valuable and insightful experience for the UNIMAK Clinical Psychology students who
are visiting the Kissy Rehabilitation Center in Freetown. Field trips like this can offer students in
a hands-on understanding of the real-world applications of their studies and help them develop
a deeper appreciation for the challenges and opportunities in the field of psychology.

Exploring such facilities first-hand can provide students with a unique perspective on the
practical aspects of rehabilitation and mental health treatment, allowing them to see the impact
of their future work up close. Such opportunities are invaluable for their professional
development and can inspire them to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Indeed, it’s commendable that the university of Makeni provides students with opportunities to
engage in such enriching experiences. UNIMAK Department of Clinical Psychology hope the
students have gained valuable insights and experiences during their visit to the Kissy
Rehabilitation Center that will stay with them throughout their careers in clinical psychology.

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