Faculty of Commerce and Management Staff Profiles

Dean of Faculty of Commerce and Management

Santigie Sulfuyana Kaba

030456649 or drkaba2@gmail.com

Life has taught me a lot since I was born in a little Christian village Gbendenbu in the Northern part of Sierra Leone call Bombali. Three boys were raised by a mother who taught me domestic work and to be cautious of what ever I do in life. One thing so special about me is I can eat anything except allergies show, listen, dance to any music, watch any sport and take part in any activity.

Experienced lecturer at the University of Makeni (UniMak), instructed at Strafford University and Virginia International University with excellent communication skills. Became dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Management in 2019, served in other capacity as Management Cluster Lead for Strategic Partner in Higher Education Innovation Reform (SPHEIR) A cluster lead working to transform higher education with creative partnerships in Sierra Leone.

This is to meet the needs of both graduates and stakeholders, supporting the diverse, broad-scale partnerships doing work right through various sectors to improve quality, relevance, accessibility to afford higher education. Concentrate on how to create new and creative solutions to strategic education problems that will deliver systemic and continuous change in the society.

Field work experience with Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Consultancy GIZ Implementation Partner (IP) 2017.  Trained, implemented and conducted research with SME and identified the reasons why market research is used to minimize risk, support current future obstacles for the business.

As a Program Director, Easton Provider Services, Columbus, Ohio, USA 2016 was a great experience where I provided services for the special needs. Recruited and trained new hire, reported to state, federal government and agencies.

Sales job is interesting serving customers to meet their needs in the wireless industry as an assistant store manager at Verizon, furniture industry with Bob’s Discount Furniture, Chevy Chase Bank, Gap Inc. all in the United States of America.


  • Doctor of Business Administration, DBA (Dissertation Topic: An Analysis of the Relationship Between Organization Culture and the Learning Organization
  • Argosy University—Arlington, Virginia, USA
  • Master of Business Administration, MBA
  • Management/Accounting Strayer University—Alexandria, VA, USA
  • Bachelor of Science Business Administration, BSBA
  • Management/Accounting Strayer University—Alexandria, VA USA
  • Advanced Diploma Business Studies ADBS
  • Strategic Planning/Implementation School of Law and Social Sciences—-London, United Kingdom