Lebanese Ambassador Mr Nidal Yehya visits UNIMAK

The Lebanese Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Mr Nidal Yehya has paid a courtesy call on staff and students of the University of Makeni (UNIMAK). Welcoming the Ambassador on Friday 12th August 2016 the UNIMAK Vice-Chancellor, Rev Joseph Turay said the visit of the Lebanese ambassador to UNIMAK is timely and a step in the right direction that will not only create partnership but will benefit Africa as a whole and Sierra Leone in particular.

He said the University of Makeni was established in 2005 to positively contribute to the development of Sierra Leone after the civil conflict that ravaged the country, particularly the education system. Over subsequent years there are many countries, institutions and organizations that have contributed in rebuilding the Sierra Leone education sector, and the Lebanese community is one of them. “As an institution of higher learning we want to acknowledge the contribution of the Lebanese community in the development of education in Sierra Leone, … establishing partnership with the Lebanese embassy in Sierra Leone will make higher learning a viable tool for measuring our development strides and challenges after the Ebola outbreak “ he said.

Addressing students and staff of UNIMAK Ambassador Nidal Yehya stressed the significance of his visit to the UNIMAK. “This is not only an outreach activity for me and my entourage but one that will create a bilateral relationship that will promote higher institution of learning and national development. It is only education that will increase our full potential as a nation and one that will measure up to our expectations in making the world a better place to live “ he emphasized. Ambassador Yehya promised to establish links between UNIMAK and universities in Lebanon and to assist students who are doing well but cannot afford to pay their fees.

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