Life on Campus

Building your future

If you study at the University of Makeni, you will receive a top-quality education that will benefit you for a lifetime. Moreover, the incredible variety of opportunities available will enable you to shape your student experience according to your preferences – it can truly be whatever you want it to be.

At the University of Makeni, there is no such thing as a typical student, and no single experience that defines the institution. Our goal is for our graduates to possess the self-assurance to pursue their desired paths, and to feel optimistic and enthusiastic about their prospects.

Career guidance and support

At the University of Makeni, our Careers Service provides an abundance of personalized assistance to help you discover and achieve your career aspirations.

Regardless of the academic discipline you select, whether you intend to pursue employment immediately upon graduation or are considering continuing your education, our team can provide guidance that aligns with your individual preferences.

Moreover, we are committed to providing lifelong career support, so even after you complete your degree program, you can access our professional advice and resources to assist you in reaching your professional goals.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Are you eager to construct your own future? Cultivate your own concepts? Establish your own business or social enterprise? Have an impact on the world? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the University of Makeni can truly assist you in getting started.

We provide a vast array of extraordinary resources and opportunities that enable you to develop your entrepreneurial and employability abilities. These opportunities encompass:

  • Idea generation and development.
  • Start-up incubators.
  • Innovation challenges and competitions.