The annual agro-food conference was concluded by Social Business Development (SBD) and the University of Makeni.

On January 20, 2023, the conference was held in the auditorium at the Fatima Campus.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Makeni, Professor Joseph Turay, welcomed conference attendees and stated that the SBD is a way to ensure food security throughout the nation. Instead of concentrating on profits, SBD “addresses the community’s problems,” he stated.

He highlighted that SBD’s top aim is reducing food scarcity and malnutrition in Sierra Leone, not financial success. “Mining shouldn’t be our top priority. Agriculture should be our first priority ” He said.

Peter Conteh agrees with the majority of participants that the conference is a positive step for the development of the agrofood sector in Sierra Leone.

“As a farmer, I’ve learned about the reasons why farming communities in our area produce so little” he stated.

Isatu Kamara, a University of Makeni student, acquired knowledge from several lectures on the agrofood industry, much like Peter. For us young people, the conference has opened our eyes to the need of investing in agriculture, she remarked.

The University of Makeni and SBD have collaborated to hold the second annual agrofood conference.
Participants heard from SBD Director of Sales John Bangura about the services SBD has provided for the people of Sierra Leone. He stated, “SBD provide chicken feed, the production of quality eggs and chickens” he said
A weak point in marine ecosystem, according to FAO Food Specialist Robin Yokie, reveals 35% fish waste. He applauded the university’s efforts to solve the problems with community food supplies.

Communities in Africa were at risk from a lack of food. Many conference attendees declared they would put what they had learnt to use after the event.

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