UNIMAK Launches Degree Course in Political Science and International Relations

UNIMAK has launched a new degree course: BA. in Political Science and International Relations. Participants will look at some major political ‘pin-ups’ of the 21st century; especially the debate over democratic governance and the relationship between the state and the civil society, the connection between poverty, migration and human trafficking and other forms of human exploitation, climatic change, bioterrorism, nuclear proliferation and globalization etc. All of these issues tell us the study of political science and international relations is a very rigorous, but necessary and timely enterprise.

Philosophy and Objectives of the Study
  • Redefining leadership through special recruitment
  • Create a platform for political debate, seminars and/or workshops that foster and maintain the peace
  • Broaden the scope of citizens’ involvement in politics
  • Promote democracy through dialogue and political tolerance
  • Diplomacy for exploring early warnings of conflicts in the Mano-River Union and thus strengthening Bi-lateral ties with allies.

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