A team from the University of Makeni Visited the SBD Maize Farm

The team visited the farm on the 15th September 2022. The farm is located at Rorinka Village about 10 miles from Makeni City along the Makeni Lunsar Highway.

The Social Business Development (SBD) is a charitable Company limited by guaranteed. The company is based in Makeni. It main scope is to promote sustainable development of Agricultural and food sector in Sierra Leone.

The Company was founded in 2016 by the St. Lawrence Foundation to support the University of Makeni in providing a practical working field to the graduate from the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences.
The SBD operate in 3 different areas which are : the eggs production,the chicken feed production and the cultivation of Maize.
The company has provided more than 250 new jobs for petty traders because of the regular flow of eggs that is generated by the Company.The Company now count on 50 employees .
In fulfilling it mission SBD has been supporting the local communities involving more than 500 rural Farmers in field operations between 2016 and 2020.
With this background the team decided to visit the maize Farm in the Rorinka Community. The team was very impressed with progress made by the company in the farm . This was one of the many visit organized by UNIMAK over the years.

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