AISPO and University of Makeni Raise Awareness on Blood Donation

AISPO (Italian Association for Solidarity Among People), in collaboration with the University of Makeni, organized an awareness-raising event on the importance of blood donation. The event took place on Tuesday, 28th May 2024, at the Fatima Campus auditorium.

For many students who attended, the initiative was seen as a wonderful step towards fostering such collaborations.

Partnerships between organizations like AISPO and institutions such as the University of Makeni can significantly impact the community by promoting the importance of blood donation. Blood donation is a critical aspect of healthcare systems worldwide, and raising awareness about its significance can save lives and support healthcare facilities in providing essential services.

By working together to educate the public on the benefits of blood donation, AISPO and the University of Makeni can help dispel myths or fears associated with the process, encourage regular donations, and emphasize the profound impact a single donation can have. Community engagement activities, informational campaigns, and mobile blood drives are effective ways to reach a broader audience and inspire individuals to contribute to this vital cause.

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