Feminist Law Lecture Series

Organizer: AdvocAid organization
Date: May 23, 2024
Venue: University of Makeni Multi-purpose hall
Audience: Law and Development Studies students from the University of Makeni

Key Areas Emphasized by Facilitators:

  1. Gap between Feminism and the Status Quo: The facilitators likely explored how feminist legal theories challenge existing legal frameworks and societal norms, highlighting the disparities and advocating for gender equality within the legal system and society.
  2. Feminism and Traditional Rules/ Norms: Discussions were probably centered around how feminist perspectives challenge and reshape traditional rules, norms, and practices that perpetuate gender inequality and injustice in various aspects of society.
  3. Feminism versus Social and Economic Powers: The facilitators likely delved into how social and economic disparities affect gender equality and women’s empowerment, emphasizing the importance of addressing power dynamics to achieve a more equitable society.

Overall, the lecture series aimed to empower students with a deeper understanding of feminist laws, challenges, and legal theories. By examining the intersections of feminism with societal structures, traditional norms, and power dynamics, the event likely encouraged critical thinking and discussions around gender equality and women’s rights within the legal context and broader society.

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